Sunday, April 01, 2007

KooKing with Kyle sundays - apple pie - part one

so we're at a point in our lives where baking things from scratch make us so incredibly happy, because we are sad human beings. this makes happier moreso than, you know, actually doing homework. or drawing. anyway, here are some pictures of our adventures in baking the ULTIMATE APPLE PIE.

here we see kyle haase choppin up some delicious apples for our apple pie. DON'T THEY LOOK DELICIOUS?

to your right is a picture of cartoonist scott ewen giving t
he thumbs up to kyle's ability to chop apples. "keep on choppin! you're doin great kiddo!" says scott, as kyle chops his apples... AMAZING!

here we see kyle haase referencing a website as to how exactly the dough for the delicious apple pie is prepared.... check out the intensity in his eye. wow! he's so awesome.

finally, a picture of me, joe frontirre, when i was told that the pie wouldn't be ready until TOMORROW. what kinda shit is that?!

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Rob Tornoe said...

Can you mail some of that pie to Delaware?